Los Alamos Areas

If you are new to Los Alamos, you may not be aware of what the various different neighborhoods are, or what some local housing terms mean. Please feel free to consult the maps as needed:

Los Alamos map
White Rock map

The older (built in the 50's) areas of Los Alamos are the Eastern Area, Western Area and North Community. Many of these homes were built by the government, and are single family homes, duplexes (2 units per building) and quads (4 units per building). Parts of the Western and North areas were impacted by the Cerro Grande fire in May, 2000, and are currently being rebuilt with modern homes. You can find some new subdivisions or homes in all these neighborhoods.

Barranca Mesa and North Mesa are somewhat newer areas. Barranca has single family houses (built starting in the 60's), and North Mesa has areas of single family houses (built starting in the 70's), town houses, and some other types of multiple residence dwellings. Some homes in these areas overlook canyons, providing a spectacular view.

The newest areas in the Los Alamos town site are Quemazon and Ponderosa Estates. These have been built in the last 10-15 years, and have a modern feel. Some of the Quemazon properties are town homes.

White Rock, La Senda and Pajarito Acres are approximately 8 miles to the south of Los Alamos, and are all part of Los Alamos county. Building started here in the 60's. Typically, Pajarito Acres will have larger lots, and some larger animals (e.g., horses) can be kept there, if in accordance to county zoning rules. Some parts of these areas overlook the Rio Grande, providing magnificent views.